Britain’s future is up for grabs.

Tomorrow’s Britain aims to help raise aspirations in Britain’s schools and make sure that we get the right result.

Britain’s future is up for grabs. The children sitting in our schools today will be the adults shaping our country tomorrow.  What sort of country will they build?  As things stand we have reason to be optimistic – but no excuse for being complacent. Many of our young people, of course, have great ambitions and are on their way to great achievements.  Sadly, however, the ambitions of many other young people have gone astray. Some children draw their inspiration from celebrity culture, others are tempted by gangs and still others have signed up to fight for extremist religious beliefs.  It is clear that we have an aspiration gap to address. Tomorrow’s Britain aims to help. Every British school child should know:

  1. That this country wants them to make a positive success of life in Great Britain
  2. That there are numerous ways in which they can do so
  3. That their schools and communities are standing beside them, ready to help

On this website you will find details of a host of ways in which schools and communities can help inspire their young people to lead productive, fulfilling and successful lives.

In particular here is a points for discussion document and a teaching guide setting out some ways in which teachers can help young people develop their sense of British identity by engaging with British success.  We would be very interested to hear any suggestions regarding these materials.  If you have any comments to make please e-mail