Britain’s future is up for grabs.

Tomorrow’s Britain aims to help raise aspirations in Britain’s schools and make sure that we get the right result.

A desire to make our communities even better is a crucial part of the ambition that we need to see.  We should be encouraging young people to think positively and creatively about what can be done to improve our country.

To that end Tomorrow’s Britain is inviting schools, year groups and classes to draft, debate and present their Manifestos for Change.  The Manifestos could relate to the relevant school or to a particular region or to the whole country.

The idea is to start with a blank piece of paper and fill it with examples of positive changes that our young people would like to see.  The ideas can then be debated and improved upon and a final version agreed.  We would encourage schools to send these to us and we will be happy to publish them on this site.

The objects of the exercise are to expand our young peoples’ horizons and to get them into the healthy habit of thinking about how to improve the world around them.