Britain’s future is up for grabs.

Tomorrow’s Britain aims to help raise aspirations in Britain’s schools and make sure that we get the right result.

One way of learning about excellence is to try to identify it in other people.  Britain’s adult population is busily crafting and maintaining a society that will, in due course, become the property of those currently at school.

The Future should be encouraged to express its views as to how the Present is getting on.

Schools should run their own versions of the Honours Lists.  Each school should have awards for the Public Figure of the Year, Business leader of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Sports Personality of the Year, Artist of the Year etc.

The students should determine the criteria, research possible candidates, draw up short lists, debate the options and have a vote.  The whole process should broaden horizons and raise aspirations.

Tomorrow’s Britain would be happy to publish the results of the various awards and to collect and share feedback as to how these School Awards processes can best be run.